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Programming has been a lifelong hobby of mine, and an essential tool in my engineering career. I've written many engineering simulations over the years. I am most familiar with C, C++, Matlab, and Python, though I've also worked in Fortran and C#. If you want a particular simulation or utility developed, I may be able to help. Some of my software is shown below.

DXF Cleanup [Inquire for License]

DXF Cleanup is a standalone command line utility to preprocess DXF files. I originally wrote this to help my parents' machine shop solve a particular problem: Some 3D CAD software, such as CATIA, produce 2d views of 3d parts from the plane intersection with a large bag-of-triangles. Curves are represented as splines with many segments. When developing precise programs for EDM machining, dad would often have to manually replace every curve with circular arcs. Older wire EDM machines can't handle the size of large programs with thousands of segments, and the machines, when interpreting splines with segments, will often produce faceted cuts.

This program automates that process. It automatically finds all LINE, SPLINE, and POLYLINE segments of a 2D drawing file which can be approximated by a chain of circular arcs and replaces them with a much smaller set of ARC elements.

I am providing part of the source code as a demonstration of my C++ coding ability. If you would like a licence/copy of the software for your own use, please contact me! It is available for windows and linux.


Python STL Thread Generator [Open Source]

This series of python scripts creates OpenSCAD files representing ACME threads. The OpenSCAD files can then be used to create stl files for 3d printing.


Project Navigator [Open Source]

Project navigator is my spacecraft trajectory solving, and low-thrust trajectory optimization software. It's written in Matlab. Details to come...