Schinder Labs
7660 S. Rangeline Road
Englewood, OH 45322
ph: (937)626-7651
Notional Hours of Operation:
7:30PM-11:30PM M-Th,
9AM-5PM Sa,Su
Eastern Standard Time

About the Business

An Ohio Limited Liability Company (Est. September 2021)

Schinder Labs is my after-hours personal hobby business. I want to explore what I can do in an independent consulting capacity, with an eye towards eventually transitioning to self employment. I have developed many skills over the years which might be useful to other manufacturers, labs, or small businesses. If you are interested in procuring custom software, custom electronics, simple instruments, or need data analyzed, I may be able to help. In addition, I am building a small machine shop/woodworking workshop in my garage.

About Me

I am a PhD aerospace engineer/plasma physicist with about 12 years of experience. I've worked with high energy lasers and optical instruments at AFRL/RDLE. I've worked on electric propulsion thrusters at Georgia Institute of Technology. I've worked on propulsion feed-system dynamics for the European Service Module while at NASA Glenn Research Center. I'm currently at Lockheed Martin Aeronautics, working on plasma physics, plasma diagnostic instruments (Langmuir probes and retarding field analyzers), and high performance computing in support of the Compact Fusion Reactor project.

Examples of Past Projects

Below I will list some of my past projects which I will be able to do out of my home/garage. if you are interested in any of these, please contact me at the email listed above, and I'll keep it in mind for when I open.


I'm building a woodworking/small machine shop in my outbuilding. I should be able to do basic mill-work on metal, and I intend to acquire a lathe in the near future. I've built some furniture (the table in the document-scanning picture is an example.)

Engineering and Analysis Software

A list of software that I own licenses to, or have worked with in the past and have experience operating:
Name Status Description
Sandia LAMMPS Open Source, Have it Molecular dynamics software, which I have used in the past to explore grain boundary energies while at the Computational Solid Mechanics Lab at Georgia Tech.
ABAQUS I own a copy Finite element analysis software for structures. I used this while at Kirtland AFB to analyze stresses on structures during a laser engagement.
Solidworks I own a permanent license I can perform CAD modeling, convert CAD files, and make drawing views from 3d object files.
NPSS - Numerical Propulsion System Sim I do not own it, but have used it. A fluid system simulator whcih I used to analyze propulsion subsystems while at NASA Glenn Research Center.
Chicago/LSP I do not own it, but have used it. A particle-in-cell program that I've used before to simulate plasma system behavior.

Other Tools at my Disposal

Non-Destructive Book/Document Scanning

If you have notebooks or documents which you would like to nondestructively scan without needing to unbind or feed them through a document scanner, I have a raspicam setup which can image pages. Notional price: $1/page. Please ensure you own the copyright to the documents you obtain before publishing them.

Web Design

I'm the unofficial family webmaster. I maintain the site for, my parents' wire EDM machine shop. If you are interested in launching a web-page I might be able to help with that. I can also set up and configure dovecot/postfix email servers, mysql databases, and php web software such as wordpress.

Sites I have created/maintain:

3d Printing

I have a Makerbot Replicator 2X. If you send me an STL file and dimensions, I can print the part in ABS or PLA plastic. Everyone has a 3d printer though, and it might be less cumbersome and more flexible to get your own.

Things I would Like to Get Into

Things I would like to get into, but cannot call myself an expert at yet:
  1. Robotics and Automated Instruments
  2. Chemistry Simulation
  3. Electronic Structure Modeling
  4. Machine Learning