Schinder Labs
7660 S. Rangeline Road
Englewood, OH 45322
ph: (937)626-7651
Notional Hours of Operation:
7:30PM-11:30PM M-Th,
9AM-5PM Sa,Su
Eastern Standard Time

I started developing electronics to produce signal processing boxes for laboratory instruments. I've created small-signal current sense amplifiers and high voltage isolator op-amp circuits for langmuir probes and retarding field analyzers (RFAs) as part of my job. I've also created circuitboards as a hobby. I use Kicad v5 for personal projects, and Osh-Park for small circuit runs. I have a Siglent 1104XE O-scope, signal generators, power supplys, a hot air-rework station, and other supplies to populate small-run circuitboards.

I can solder and desolder 0805 and SOIC scale surface mount parts. Smaller pin pitches are more difficult.

Some of the things I've made: